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These trails have been designed for those who want to learn about snowmobiling. Lots of Fun and fantastic landscapes.
These trails combine nature, clean air and exceptional snow. Designed for those who are a bit more experienced.
Designed for true fans of extreme sports, you must be physically fit and have good experience in motorsports.
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Evasion sports Quebec
2427 rue Cartier
Ste-Julienne (Quebec) J0K 2T0
Telephone : 001.514.730.8766

Authentik Canada Aventures inc.
352 rue Emery, 3ième étage
Montréal (Québec) H2X 1J1

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Luc Demuynck
Penta Reizen - Selectair
Nieuwstraat 31
B-8870 Izegem
Tel +32 51 333311
Fax +32 51 314753

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