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Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to your questions
What clothes should I bring?

The temperature varies greatly from one season to another, you should prepare your luggage accordingly. You should also take in to account of the regions you plan to visit. For example, summer more humid in the Montreal area than elsewhere in Quebec and the winter is slightly longer in the East than in the Southwest.

In summer (mid-June to mid-September), the days are hot and sometimes humid. Montreal has heatwaves every summer. Light clothing is therefore required, but be sure to bring a jacket and trousers for evenings and for the few cooler days. Warm clothing is also needed for trips in the estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence (the wind can be very cold) and for mountain expeditions.

During the fall (mid-September to mid-December), the mercury slowly decreases to make room for the winter. The months of September and October are very pleasant, even if the weather is cooler in summer. A windbreaker is a choice and a raincoat, since the days of rain are more frequent. Starting in November, the mercury around the freezing point and the risk of increasing snow precipitation (from early November to the east of Quebec). In this case, it is necessary to wear a coat, boots, scarves and gloves

In winter (mid-December to mid-March), temperatures typically range from -15 ° C and -20 ° C. However, sometimes the mercury drops considerably. Outdoor activities require special clothing: snow pants, warm coat, boots, hat, mittens, etc.. During cold weather or long expeditions, there are simple ways to keep warm, particularly hot hands in the form of packet, which fit equally well in boots than in the mitts. Even in the city, it usually include a pair of boots to get around the snowy streets.

In spring (mid-March to mid-June), the heat is gradually returning. The mercury reached O ° C in March. Slowly, the snow melts and nature wakes up. The warm weather settles in June, where there was easily 20 ° C, but it is usually preceded by several episodes of summer time in May and sometimes even at the end of April.

What is Indian Summer and when does it happen?
Often in the fall, Quebecers enjoy a pleasant climate phenomenon: Indian Summer (also known as the Indian summer). It is characterized by several warm and sunny days, which occur after a period of freezing. Indian Summer typically occurs between early October and mid-November. However, it is difficult or impossible to predict the date of his coming, and it did not occur every year. The term "Indian summer" refers to the history of American Indians, who once benefited from this period to complete their harvest before the onset of winter.
Can I bring my gun for hunting?

Yes, firearms used for hunting (rifle) can usually be imported into Canada. However, it is mandatory to complete the declaration form of firearms for non-residents prior to your arrival and have it signed by a Customs officer.

To hunt in Quebec, you must also purchase a hunting license with an authorized sales agent.

Finally, it is good to know that the wearing of firearms is highly regulated in Canada. Some weapons are restricted or prohibited. To learn more, visit the Center's Canada Firearms or call 1 800 731-4000.

Are there shuttles between airports and city centers of Montreal and Quebec?

From International Airport Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau, shuttles take you to the city center every 20 minutes, every day. Stops are made at various downtown hotels, as well as the Central Station (bus terminal). You must get your tickets in person at the ticket office or from the airport to Central Station in Montreal. The price of a roundtrip for an adult is $ 22.75.

In Quebec, the Jean Lesage International Airport, taxis can accommodate one to six people are available to passengers at all times. For only $ 30, they will drop you off downtown. If you travel in groups of more than six persons, vans are also available. The airport also offers transportation for disabled people and a limousine service.

Can we travel alone in Quebec in safely?
Yes. A recent survey classed Montreal and Quebec among the twenty cities in the world with the highest security. But, as elsewhere, you must be vigilant and take basic precautions. For example, do not leave valuable items in full view of everyone in the car or walking late at night in small dimly lit streets.
Can I be refused access to the country if I have ever been convicted of drunk driving?
Entry to Canada may actually be denied to a person who has been convicted of a crime, including driving while impaired. However, admission is possible under certain conditions. For more information, visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
Is the tax on lodging refundable?

This fee, required for accommodation establishments in certain regions and which stands at $ 2 or $ 3 or 3% per night is not refundable. It is dedicated to supporting regional tourism development. GST and QST are calculated in addition to this tax, which does not apply to campsites.

For detailed information on tax on lodging :

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