Do you really want what’s best, yes most certainly!

Customer service and the security of our participants are our top priorities, for these reasons we offer you equipment of superior quality as well as advanced technology, like the following:

  • Full face helmet that will better protect you from the cold, equipped with an electric visor enabling you to have a greater visibility and more comfort as well as being safer without any additional charges.
  • A person to person communication system that will let you be in continuous contact with your guide, this too without any extra charges.
  • Cold weather clothing (high quality) because constantly being cold is unbearable.
  • Satellite telephone because in the forest it is practically the only means of communication.
  • Your SKI-DOOL Snowmobile is closer to the environment with it’s ultra performing 4 stroke 1000 cc, 120 hp engine that you will have the pleasure to drive because it is very easy to handle and comfortable, it is also very reliable